We are a young company with young staff and a young target group, creating exciting, living products. However, MINÌ is backed by 30 years of plant-related Dutch experience.
From this, MINÌ was born as a living plant for your mobile phone or computer or to be worn as an accessory to take with you everywhere. Of course, it will need love and care, and after several weeks it must be transplanted in order to grow and be with you for a lot longer. The MINÌ experience stems from the Netherlands, the home of flowers and plants. Pentaflor developed this project to make plants transportable and create the concept of a ‘personal plant’.
To reach end users everywhere and make MINÌ available to everyone, we have also decided to distribute our MINÌ plants online through the MINÌ SHOP on our website.

Now everyone can choose and buy their MINÌ plant directly. MINÌ plants can also be purchased through authorized Minì resellers. Find the reseller nearest you.